Baby Food – Broccoli/ Tomato/ Rice Puree and Blueberry/ Strawberry/ Oatmeal Puree

I love the stage my daughter is at right now where she has had most normal foods so I can start getting creative with combinations.  Here are the two I made this weekend.  For the broccoli/tomato/rice puree, steam the broccoli and tomatoes.  I steamed them separately since the broccoli takes longer to cook.  Puree the vegetables.  Heat the rice according to package instructions.  Then add rice to food processor as needed to reach the desired consistency.  For the strawberry/blueberry/oatmeal puree, I used frozen organic fruit.  I have heard that frozen fruit can actually be more nutritious since it is picked ripe and frozen immediately, which preserves the nutrients, rather than picking before it’s ripe and transporting an insane number of miles.  I still love fresh fruit, but decided to go with frozen for the puree.  Warm the frozen fruit in a saucepan until soft, and then puree in the food processor.  Cook the oatmeal in a saucepan according to package instructions.  Add the oatmeal to the fruit puree in the food processor to thicken it to the desired consistency.  Let your baby enjoy!

Special thanks to my father-in-law for the tomatoes from his garden!



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